Batman-like equitment, modified to an owl theme.
Unknown, most likely modified bat-vehicles.
Batman weapons, modified to an owl theme.

Skilled Detective: Roy is a fairly capable detective, whose skills are considered to be on par with that of even the most intuitive criminal investigator; in fact, he has even garnered the admiration of Batman himself.


Roy Raymond, Jr., the grandson of Roy Raymond, Sr., presented a tabloid television series in Gotham City called Roy Raymond Jr: Manstalker. He was considered by many as arrogant, inept, and a huge embarrassment to his grandfather.1 Batman described Roy as one of the few detectives he admired, but that he “chose to waste his talents on daytime television”.2 As a child, Bruce Wayne rarely missed an episode of “Roy Raymond: TV Detective” (the tv show on which Raymond Sr. would solve real cases in front of a camera rather than dramatize them), but Roy Jr. disgraced his father’s name. After being humiliated by Robin III, and missing the opportunity to catch a dangerous costumed gang on television, Raymond disappeared into the world of tabloid television.
Roy moved to Keystone City, where he became a pundit at KN News. There, he was manipulated by the villian Spin to start a smear campaign against the Flash3

Continuing his “Manstalker” program, he investigates the kidnapping of a little girl. Roy’s detective work turned up some solid leads on her whereabouts, but he was dismissed as the “crazy television man”. Angered, Roy tracked down the girl by himself, and rescued her from the kidnappers. Alfred Pennyworth sought Roy out to offer him a position on a new team of Outsiders after Batman’s Death.4 He accepts that offer and becomes Owlman, with equipment left for that purpose by Batman.


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